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Bean-to-bar Chocolate

From the highest grades of cocoa, TURNER'S handcrafts a variety of rich and deliciously smooth, bean-to-bar chocolate.

Premium cocoa beans sourced from around the world are roasted in-house to develop rich flavor profiles, before being refined & conched to produce the highest quality chocolate.

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Fine Cocoa

TURNER'S selects 100% Fine Cocoa, to craft each batch of silky smooth chocolate.

Turner's Chocolate Making Fine Cocoa
Turner's Chocolate Making Roasting Cocoa


Cocoa beans are roasted in-house to develop unique flavor profiles, with rich and balanced chocolate bases.

Refining & Conching

Over 24 hours refining & conching, a creamy and deliciously smooth chocolate develops.

Turner's Chocolate Making Refining
Turner's Chocolate Making Moulding

Tempering & Moulding

Each batch is held to a strong temper before moulding, giving every bite a satisfying snap.


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