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Chocolate Making

Turner's chocolate process

Attention to detail throughout the chocolate-making process ensures each variety meets the highest standards of quality. Premium cocoa beans sourced from around the world are roasted in-house to develop unique flavor profiles, before being refined & conched for over 24 hours to produce a silky smooth chocolate. Each batch of bean-to-bar chocolate is manufactured in small quantities at our chocolate factory in beautiful British Columbia.

Turner's Chocolate Making Fine Cococa


TURNER'S selects 100% Fine Cocoa, to craft each batch of silky smooth chocolate. Representing less than 5% of the global cocoa trade, these rare cocoa varieties are recognized for producing an exceptional chocolate with a delicate, persistent flavor. 'Fine' or 'flavor' beans are produced from Criollo or Trinitario cocoa tree varieties.
Turner's Chocolate Making Roasting Cocoa


Cocoa beans are roasted in-house to develop rich and balanced chocolate bases, and the unique flavor profiles 100% Fine Cocoa is known for. Fruit, floral, herbal, and wood notes, as well as any nut and caramelic notes, are all revealed with a roast tailored to each individual cocoa variety.
Turner's Chocolate Making Refining


Over 24 hours, roasted cocoa beans, melted cocoa butter, and sugar is refined to microscopic particle sizes between two rollers to produce a smooth and creamy texture. Small particle sizes allow chocolate to fully cover all tastebuds when melted.
Turner's Chocolate Making Conching


Chocolate is conched (mixed) to promote the development of different flavor profiles through the release of heat, acids & volatiles, and oxidation. Agitation also helps to evenly distribute cocoa butter within chocolate, and smoothens the refined chocolate particles.
Turner's Chocolate Making Tempering


Liquid chocolate is brought to a strong temper through a continuous process of heating and cooling, producing chocolate with a stable crystalline form. Tempered chocolate is shiny when set, smooth to the touch, and gives a satisfying snap in each and every bite.
Turner's Chocolate Making Moulding


Each variety of TURNER'S chocolate is moulded by hand and then quickly cooled to preserve its strong temper and distinctive sheen.


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